Examples of Coaching Interventions


Brian initially described himself as, 'a leader just needing a little bit of re-motivating.' It became clear, on meeting, that the issues were around Brian's age, and a sense of being tired and overtaken by others. He was concerned about the quality of some of his work and his relationships were generally poor. We explored both the reality of his experience and potential areas for development, set goals, and a clear vision for the future that he could, and most importantly, wanted, to create. With a renewed sense of who he really was, and what he had to offer, Brian was able to say that he no longer felt 'stuck' and whilst the demands of the work meant he often felt tired, his stress levels had dropped, and he no longer felt overwhelmed when making decisions. No longer feeling threatened by others, his relationships also improved.


Janet was five years into her career, and feeling quite unhappy. 'I have pretty much been on a train track since school and now I know I need to be doing something different, the question is what, or am I just mad?' Janet was not mad, but she did need to undertake a serious review of her life and career. We worked together to explore her strengths and skills and to meet people in other work. We refreshed her C.V. and worked on her interview and presentation skills. With new-found confidence Janet made the changes she needed to make and currently reports herself as being very happy with life.

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